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About us

FICPI is a global community based on trusted relationships, which strengthens the practice of the independent IP attorney.

Founded more than 100 years ago, FICPI’s trusted global community has more than 5,000 members drawn from 80 countries and regions across six continents.

The FICPI business family makes the world a little bit smaller, bringing independent IP attorneys from around the globe together to connect, share knowledge and grow.

FICPI uniquely combines education and advocacy on topics around patents and trade marks, with a focus on developing the professional excellence of the individual members.

In addition, membership of the FICPI community creates shared business opportunities, rooted in the confidence of recommending any FICPI member in another country.

FICPI’s members in their private practices serve clients which range from individuals and small businesses, to large multi-nationals, as well as universities, government and non-government bodies.

FICPI’s conferences, commissions and meetings are opportunities to gather insights from the international IP attorney community on practice-related issues and topics of patent and trade mark law.

The selectivity of our membership makes it easier for members to create introductions, connections, business opportunities and friendships with each other.

How FICPI Australia Serves Its Members

The Australian Association of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys is known by its abbreviated name of FICPI Australia.

Membership of FICPI Australia automatically leads to membership of FICPI internationally – and membership of FICPI by intellectual property attorneys practicing in Australia is only available through FICPI Australia.

FICPI Australia serves the interests of its members by:

  • Providing high calibre speakers on a range of issues related to the business of conducting patent and trade mark attorney practice
  • Sharing information with government and non-government bodies with an interest in IP, including IP Australia, the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property, the Productivity Commission and the Australian Law Reform Council, as well as with the media.
  • Providing insight and commentary on domestic and international IP legislation and activities.
  • Providing ethical guidelines – and hosting meetings where members can explore topics around ethics.
  • Collaborating and joining meetings with other Australian and Trans-Tasman groups, such as IPTA (Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia), IPSANZ (Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand), to provide a balanced perspective on the needs of IP users and FICPI members.

Governance of FICPI Australia

FICPI Australia is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which require the election of a Council for three-year terms.

The Council is made up of a President, a Secretary, and six ordinary members including the Treasurer, plus the immediate past-President.

You are encouraged to contact any of the following Council members:

Governance of FICPI International

The governing body of FICPI is the Executive Committee (EXCO), which is made up of a delegate and an alternative delegate from each affiliated national section, regional section, or association, including Australia.

FICPI conducts its activities through voluntary member participation, with functions and activities which are the responsibilities of specific commissions – the largest of which is the Study & Work Commission, known as the CET.

The CET is responsible for the supervision and examination of developments in international and national legislation, as well as the preparation of opinions on behalf of FICPI that are shared with relevant authorities around the world.

The Professional Excellence Commission (PEC) deals with practical issues relating to IP asset management, such as IP valuation, litigation insurance and the like.

The Training & Education Commission (TEC) has responsibility for promoting the training and education of members of FICPI and others interested in intellectual property protection.

The FICPI Academy of Education promotes the training and continuing education of its members and others interested in intellectual property protection by organising local and regional ad-hoc programmes.

For more information about the governance of FICPI and the work of its commissions visit