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How To Join

To see the reasons to join take a look at our About Us page.

Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership of FICPI Australia, a candidate must:

  • Be a patent or trade mark attorney registered in Australia.
  • Be in private practice (have their role as a patent or trade mark attorney be their primary endeavor AND not to be in practice on behalf of only one client, or affiliated group of clients, to the exclusion of other clients).
  • For Ordinary Membership, have at least five years’ experience as a patent or trade mark attorney since registration, either in Australia or overseas. This requirement is not required for Associate Membership.
  • Be of good repute.

Membership must be proposed by a FICPI Australia member with at least 3 years standing.

Membership Process

The Application Process is as follows:

  • Prospective members complete the Part A Membership Application Form, which much be proposed a member of at least 3 years standing.
  • Submit the completed Part A form to the Secretary.
  • FICPI Australia Council will consider the merits Application, which may include making enquires about the prospective member
  • If accepted, the Secretary will contact the prospective member and provide the Part B Form along with a copy of the Articles of Association, By Laws and Code of Ethics.
  • Once agreed a membership invoice will be send.
  • Upon payment of the membership invoice membership will be confirmed and FICPI International will be informed of the new members details.

Start the Membership Process

If you are eligible for membership and would like to join FICPI Australia, please complete the appropriate one of the applications forms:

Forward the completed form to the Secretary at the address on the form.

A searchable list of existing members, including FICPI Australia, can be found here.

The membership list is owned by FICPI and its replication or unauthorized use for commercial mailings or similar purposes is strictly prohibited.