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FICPI Australia Memorandum and Articles of Association, Code of Ethics & Guidelines are located in the Members Area, which also has copies of presentations made at prior Annual Conferences and selected submissions.

2022 08 19 FICPI-AU // Conference & Annual General Meeting Flyer 2022
2022 07 Guidelines for engagement letters
2022 08 22 President's Report FICPI Australia
2021 10 05 Cross-border aspects of client/patent attorney privilege (CAP) - Draft proposal for a multilateral agreement
2020 02 15 FICPI Australia Submission - IP Australia Fees (Feb 2020)
2020 02 21 FICPI Australia Submission - Consultation on Client Attorney Privilege
2019 04 04 Assessing Priority of Design Applications
2017 11 27 Submission on IP Australia's Public Consultation Papers (August 2017)
2017 02 14 Response to Productivity Commission Inquiry Report
2019 FICPI Australia Response Designs
2017 02 Response to Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill and Regulations
2017 11 03 FICPI Submission on IP Australia patent Search and Examination Products Review
2017 12 04 Response to IP Laws Amendment (Productivity Commission Response Part 1 and Other Measures) Bill and Regulations 2017
2013 06 26 Protection of Confidentiality in IP Advice Communique
FICPI-AU // Conference & Annual General Meeting Flyer 2023
FICPI-AU // 2023 AGM Registration Form
Members Only Documents
AdaptTraining Managing Actions Whitepaper

FICPI International Library

IP Australia is seeking information from users of the Australian Patent system that file for computer-related inventions. They have heard from some users that recent court decisions have not provided certainty on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. The concern is that this uncertainty affects innovative businesses’ IP strategies and commercial activities.

FICPI Australia will make a submission on behalf of members here in Australia and Internationally.

The FICPI submission will cover:

  1. any challenges current laws have for Australian industries
  2. case studies where the law in Australia or overseas has changed the investments or IP strategies regarding computer-implemented inventions
  3. examples of where the patentability of specific inventions has differed between Australia and other jurisdictions
  4. any views on changing or retaining current Australian law.

Submissions should be received no later than 29 February 2024, so please submit your thoughts and any evidence to the FICPI Australia Secretary Rohan Wallace at [email protected] as soon as possible.